Atta Puttu

Atta (wheat flour) - 3 cups
Coconut - 1/2 ( grated)


Puttu Maker

Dissolve about a tsp of salt in a cup of water, keep it aside.Take atta in a mixing bowl, gradually sprinkle salted water and mix, to moisten the flour.Sprinkling and mixing should be continued until atta is thoroughly moisten(or until small lumps appear).Stop sprinkling water once lumps appear. Keep this mix in refridgerator for half an hour.Take it out and run it in a mixer, to remove lumps.

Place Puttu-kudam on the stove, fill 1/2 of it with water bring it to a boil. Meanwhile fill Puttu-kutti - a handful of grated coconut, followed by 3 handful of atta, then a handful of grated coconut, repeating the same until puttu-kutti is full. Close the lid and place it over Puttu-kudam and steam on high flame for 5 minutes and then on low-flame for 5 minutes.

Healthy Tasty Atta Puttu is ready to be served with Kadala Curry/Cheruppayur Curry.